The first pose that we will look at is the Sukhasana. This pose can be practiced either on an indoor or outdoor location. When performed properly, it will bring your mind and body into balance. It will relax the shoulders and lower back. In addition, it will also stretch out the arms and deepen the torso. This will help in improving your posture.

The next pose is the Astragalus pose. This pose is very effective when performed properly because it helps to reduce the activity of the thyroid. It balances the energy system. As a result, it is important for the thyroid to slow down its activity so that it can be efficient in releasing the energy that is stored up inside.

The third pose is Anuloma Padottanasana. This pose is also very effective when performed properly. This pose aligns the pelvis and provides relief from the side-effects caused by the thyroid medication. It helps to improve the overall functionality of the body.

The fourth pose is Upavijaya Yoga. This pose is very effective when it is executed properly. It aligns the upper part of the body. It provides complete support to all parts of the thyroid gland, including the neck. As a result, it aids in the proper functioning of the gland.

The fifth pose is the Sarvangasana. This pose is very effective in relieving the symptoms caused by the thyroid disease. In this pose, the head is tilted backwards. This enables optimal blood flow into the organs. When adequate blood flows, it promotes an overall improvement of the disease.

The final pose is the Sukshmaarayana. This pose improves the immune system of the body. It also improves the lymphatic flow. This helps the thyroid to function properly. This pose also helps in improving the general health of the immune system of the body.

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