Premarital Conversations that Sustain Love

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Accept Your Spouse as they are

You loved your partner and intend to marry them as they are. Therefore, don’t try to make your spouse who they are not. Don’t judge your partner. Instead, accept them as they are and for whom they currently are and live with it. Don’t marry a partner that you want to change or do things your way. If there are issues that you feel should be addressed, talk about them before you get married.

Basically, these are crucial premarital conversations that will sustain your love. Hold them carefully and let your partner know your expectations before you get married to sustain love in your marriage.


Your marriage should be built on intimacy. Without intimacy, your love won’t last. It’s therefore important that you discuss how you will maintain intimacy in your marriage. If you don’t maintain intimacy in your marriage, one partner may feel physically and emotionally disconnected. One partner or both can also feel less romantic. Therefore, give spontaneous intimacy a priority in your marriage. This is usually the case at the beginning of marriage. However, things change as the relationship evolves and marriage grows. To sustain love in your marriage, make being intimate intentional. Have plans for sustaining intimacy in your marriage before you settle down.

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